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Friday, August 27, 2010


I forgot to write my typical Monday blog about one of the kids here. So, it's Friday, and I'll let you know about one of the cutest little boys around!

Justice is turning one tomorrow and he is John and Stacy's youngest son. He is just learning how to walk and it has been so fun to watch! The first time that he took more than one step in a row, the kids (Miracle, JJ, and Caleb) had a dance party. There was wild screaming and dancing (I mean, like, down on the floor spinning in circles). It was hilarious!

Justice's nickname is "Ju-Ju" (not to be confused with JJ, John and Stacy's oldest biological son).

He LOVES to laugh. He can be in the middle of a cry and if something is funny or someone pays him some kind of special attention, he starts to laugh. It's pretty cute!

Justice is a lounger. He will crawl around and then, all of the sudden, he'll just lay down on the floor for a "rest". It's so funny! And if he's tired when he's crawling around, all of the sudden, you'll just find him asleep on the floor. No bed needed for this little guy! He just goes to sleep wherever he lands!

Justice loves my glasses. Whenever I hold him, I have to keep his hands away from my face, otherwise, he will surely grab a hold of them. And he's strong! I have to wrestle my glasses away.

Justice is a BIG one year old! I mean, he's probably 30 lbs and he is going to be a tall boy. He's already wearing 2T at one year! Must be all that African food.

Because he is so big, he usually is dressed only in a diaper. The clothes make him sweat. But, when he is dressed up, he is pretty cute! You should have seen him on Sunday in all his best. Very cute!

Justice, though the youngest, is not willing to give up too easily! He already knows that to beat Caleb in a fight, pull his hair. To beat Miracle, bite him. JJ--well, he doesn't really fight too much with him.

All in all, the boy is cute! It's fun to get to watch him grow. He's pretty adorable.

Here is a pic of Justice and Nina!

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