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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Back on U.S. Soil

I'm sitting in the Washington/Dulles airport after a pretty decent flight from Accra. The only crazy part was the ride TO the airport last night.

Ghanaian taxi drivers just can't be trusted! The run on African time...to the extreme. We told our taxi driver to arrive at 5:30-6:00 last night to take me to the airport. My flight, leaving at 11, but having to go through customs and all that for a direct flight is a mess, I had to get to the airport by 8. The guy showed up right at 7. I won't lie...I was a little stressed out that I wouldn't make it in time.

The kids rushed the car for hugs and kisses and I was so sad that I had to miss putting them to bed. Some of my favorite times of the day is praying for them every night and giving them a kiss on the head. The boys especially like the kiss part. Too funny! But, they got multiple kisses before I left and I rushed out of Doryumu like a crazy woman!

I was more than a little frustrated with the taxi driver. We ran into a little bit of traffic, but he definitely sensed my frustration and we were able to make it to the airport in record time (though there were moments that I thought I wouldn't make it there alive...the driving was a little crazy to get me there on time!). We arrive at 8:20, still in good time to make my flight.

I had to reorganize my bags a bit because of the weight limit (the jewelery is heavy), but I switched it all around and made it fit. Let me just tell you...my carry-ons are pretty heavy!

My flight was fairly easy. At first I was seated in a middle seat and I was thinking, "Great, I'm never going to get any sleep on this flight." But, I had a great conversation with a lady sitting next to me and right before the flight left, a steward moved me to an empty seat (with more leg room--praise the Maker!). I watched Jane Eyre (upon Katie's recommendation--thank you Katie, it was great!) and then tried to catch some z's. I probably got 5 or 6 hours of very COLD sleep, but that's not too shabby!

Looking forward to time with friends when I arrive in LA. I have to battle CARMAGEDDON with the 405 shut down, so a shuttle is taking me to Yona's, but other than that, I think this trip has gone pretty smoothly.

More updates soon...

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