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Monday, September 30, 2013

Celebrating the Good

Today, we celebrated with our students who had good behavior throughout the whole month. It was fun (and busy)! The students were excited to be honored and get popcorn and treats. 

In my mind, I had worked it all out, how it would go and how the children would respond. Besides the level of NOISE in the celebration, it all went according to plan. Now, I hope we will see a decline in behavior incidents because of our new rewards.

Time will tell.

Dorcas (P2 student of the month) trying her icee.

KG1B student of the month, Peter, tasted all the favors in his icee.

Kassidy (multi-level student of the month), and Mary (P5 student of the month) enjoyed socializing while eating their sweet treat.

Gamali (KG2 student of the month) and William (P1 student of the month) enjoyed theirs!

Mary (P4 student of the month) and Ruth (JHS1 student of the month

Malvin(KG1A student of the month)

Jessica (P3 student of the month)

KG1B students enjoying their popcorn in Character Counts Club today

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