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Friday, July 5, 2013

Spelling Bee Glory

Today was another extremely busy day with a crew from FTO traveling through, parents knocking down my office door, our KG classes to get ready for today's field trip, and a spelling bee at the school.  It was quite the day!

It was cool to get to show around the FTO volunteers (and hopefully get a few of them interested in coming back for a little while!!) and share how things are going at CORM.  I love the hearts of our FTO friends...they see Jesus in places we sometimes don't see anymore because we're so "in the middle" of it all.

Well, before too long, they headed out to the lake, and we got our KG classes off to the Accra Mall (they were going to go and play at the playplace there today), and we got our spelling bee off to a great start.

Each class did their own spelling bee, spelling words from lists that were given to them several weeks ago.  The kids studied and studied and practiced and practiced and today, it all paid off.

It was so great to get to go class to class and see the kids trying, as hard as their nerves would let them, to spell the words they were given correctly.  The teachers pronounced the words, sometimes putting them in sentences, and the kids did their best.  They cheered each other on with more than the usual team enthusiasm and high fived and encouraged their friends, even when the words were wrong.

Each class was able to identify their top five spellers and they sent them on to compete this afternoon in the whole school spelling bee.

That was a real adventure!

Spellers lined up at the front, while the pronouncers were next to them.
I sat on the judges team to the right of the pronouncers.
The whole school gathered together to cheer on their friends.  I was so proud of our students!  They poured though their spelling words, while the rest of the crowd waited with bated breath to see if they were able to spell them correctly.

The top 5 from the P1-P3 classes competed against each other first.  (I was secretly so proud of our CORM kids--Gabriel, Hannah, Mary Aboanor, and Enoch all made the top in their classes.)  They got into the challenge words and our little Mary was knocked out by Love in P2.  A valiant effort though and we cheered for our top two winners!

Then the top 5 from the P4-Multi-Level classes competed.  (Another proud moment as Mary Osei, John K., Valentina, and Gracie were all in the top of their classes.)  These rounds went on and on, maybe one student being knocked out each round.  We could tell the students had really prepared and eventually, we had to challenge the kids with words from the next grade level.  Finally, it came down to a P4 girl, Anna, and Katie Agler.  Katie had taken this challenge to heart and won with the word "comportment". 

I was so proud of our kids and brought our top 5 students to the house for a bowl of ice cream.  Quite a treat!

Today was awesome.  I was proud of our kids for trying, for being good sports, and for doing their best in front of the entire school.

I know, for sure, another spelling bee will be in our future.  The kids did such a great job and at the end of the day, Gracie came up to me and said, "Don't worry...I'll get it next year!". 

That said everything!

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