My name is Autumn Buzzell and I live and work in Ghana, West Africa with City of Refuge Ministries. Here, I run our school, Faith Roots International Academy, and get to be a part in rescuing and the healing of children who have been trafficked into the fishing trade, orphaned, abandoned, and those who just need a little extra loving. What an amazing gift this life is!

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Sunday, May 20, 2012

And the walls fell down

Yesterday, we sent the Concordia group up to Aburi to work with an organization called Aban.  A former student of Concordia started up the organization a few years back and it is a program that reaches out to street girls.  We have seen such an immense need for help with the street girls in Accra, and it was an absolute priveledge to get to see the program in action.  I think one of the most memorable quotes from the day was when co-founder Rebecca Brandt told us that the focus of the seamstresses that they hire is to sew, while the focus of the girls that they bring in (who learn a trade, recieve an education, take classes on a variety of issues, etc) focus is to heal.  I loved that!  Even more, I loved chatting with Rebecca.  I am looking forward to more hang out time in the future.  I've been praying for another friend here in Ghana, and she is amazing, so I would love to get to know her better, to know that there is someone outside of our ministry to go and chat with, but also understands the nuances of working here in Ghana!  Looking forward to ways that we can partner with them in the future.

When we were leaving the program yesterday, a massive storm came through.  Crazy winds, pouring rain...we saw trees down, power lines down, signboards blown over...on our way home.  It was a little nutty.  And then we got home...

A couple of weeks ago, we put up the walls to our school building and this next week, they were planning on pouring the concrete corners...but because of the rains, we'll have to start all over again.  The walls to all of the classrooms were blown down.  One of the gables on the guest house was blown down.  It must have been an incredibly windy storm here at CORM.  We found out that they kids had been pretty frightened.  JJ and Caleb told us that they cried when the winds came through.

We just sat in our car and stared at the mess for awhile, not really knowing what to think.  It's easy to see the work that goes on here, the speed at which our buildings go up, and think, "Wow!  This is so fast!".  But, nature has a way of slowing things down too.  And rainy season is now fully upon us.  I wonder what else might happen during the course of all of this development.

But, we weren't left to dwell on the walls of our school too long as a group of students from AIS came out and blessed us with presents for the kids, games to play, facepainting, and all other kinds of fun, fun, fun!  They were amazing to have with us on such a dreary day! 

And Uncle Josiah (a teacher from AIS that has spent quite a bit of time with us) hung out the whole night, making movie night extra fun!

So, even though the walls fell down on our school, the rebuilding process will start again next week...and all in all...it was a pretty good day!

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