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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Math Camp Fun

Today was our first day of math camp training for our teachers. It was so fun to see some of our teachers so excited about this training. Our teacher, Sir Justice, was almost running to the class this morning ready for the day to begin.

We started with a basic problem on the board, having the teachers work with pentaminos. They had to problem solve to put them into rectangles. The teachers seriously worked in groups on this activity for over an hour without slowing down. Then out came the tangrams. And they worked some more. 

After lunch, they talked about measurement and area and arbitrary units of measurement. So, they went off to measure the field in footsteps.

On Monday, the teachers will do the same thing with the students that attend math camp. 

So excited!

The teachers are learning and engaged and so I know the students will be too.

He are a few pics of today's...
Our new teachers Aaron and David working with the pentaminos.

Madame Nina and Sir Wisdom working together.

Working in teams.

Measuring and thinking!

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