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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Last Day of Math Training with John

John has been affectionately called "Prof" this week from our teachers. 

Yesterday, I was lucky to get to sit in on the afternoon session where the teachers simply reflected what they had learned and what they could apply in the classroom. I was encouraged to hear their responses. 

They learned the value of small groups.

Of wait time.

Of allowing the students to think for themselves.

Of meta cognition.

Of using manipulatives.

Of students doing the majority of the learning (instead of teachers doing it for them).

Of conceptual teaching.

Of getting practical with math.

I loved how one teacher put it.  He said, "I learned this week that math is something you can touch and feel."

They want him to come back every term.

I want him to come back too.  Have been so encouraged by his teaching and training.

Now, it's just convincing John (and his family) to get back here as often as possible! 

So, we are talking about some ways to tie in some possible study abroad options for some of his students...some possible ways to get them in for some week long math sessions...and bringing John back with them.

We will see!  

Possibilities abound...

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