My name is Autumn Buzzell and I live and work in Ghana, West Africa with City of Refuge Ministries. Here, I run our school, Faith Roots International Academy, and get to be a part in rescuing and the healing of children who have been trafficked into the fishing trade, orphaned, abandoned, and those who just need a little extra loving. What an amazing gift this life is!

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Monday, May 26, 2014

Adventures in Learning to Rest

This week has been crazy.  As, I am sure you noticed, this was the theme of my posts last week.  Johnbull told me more than once, "Autumn, everything will be done, even if it isn't done today." 

So, when we planned to go into Accra today, a day away with Stacy and our sweet friend, Angie, I knew it was much needed.  God loves to love on us in that way.  I don't love on myself very well sometimes.  I forget the need to rest.  I tie myself up into knots, my mind whirring with the hundreds of "to-dos", with the responsibility of the school, our kids, the Kingdom.  I forget, sometimes, that it's not in my strength that any of this is done.  I forget that it isn't about me.  I forget and let worry get the better of me.

But, I was reminded today.  Some days, God just loves to spoil His kids.  He pours His love down in friendships and truth and pedicures and hair cuts and ham and cheese and rocking chairs.  It's unexpected and lovely and so filling.

Even with the fun of a day away, today was a typical adventure in Ghana.  Transportation is never easy here and as we face another rainy season with very unreliable vehicles, we were unsure of our transportation to and from Accra today.  We decided to go in our Sequoia, despite its many leaks and the worry that it may or may not make it there without overheating.  When Stacy and I hopped in, we knew right away we were in for an adventure as the battery was dead and John jumped the car and then added cables to our car "just in case".

When we were finally off, we picked up Angie in Tema and made our way into Accra.  When we arrived to Accra, our brakes, well, let's just say that they didn't go completely "out", but it probably wasn't the safest vehicle.  Even pushed almost to the floor, the brakes barely engaged.  This is dangerous in America, but if you knew how driving works in Ghana, it's crazy-dangerous here.  So, we headed to a mechanic to fill up our brake fluid in hopes that would solve the problem.  (It didn't, but that's ok.)

In any case, despite the very serious lack of brakes, we decided to continue on our adventure and went to a store called Orca.  Now, we literally cannot afford just about everything in that store, but it was fun to visit.  It was almost like an IKEA, with furniture set up in various living room and bedroom settings.  We went from scene to scene, trying out each couch and chair (which are known for being notoriously hard here in Ghana), trying to find the perfect one.  And find it we did!  We found a rocking chair recliner with the perfect amount of soft, cushiony corners.  It was beautiful and so soft and I could have slept in that chair over my own bed.  I'm sure the saleswoman, keeping a close eye on our behavior, was wondering how long we were going to stay in her rocking chairs.  But, it was glorious and when you find that perfect little piece of heaven on earth, you want to stay in that moment for as long as possible!

When we went outside after exploring all of Orca for hours (we lost track of time), our car's battery was dead.  (I forgot to turn the headlights off...my bad.)  But, a wonderful, friendly, French-speaking family pulled in next to us just in the nick of time and jumped our car.  GRATEFUL!

After Orca, we headed to one of our new favorite restaurants, La Gallete--a restaurant with cheese...I mean, real cheese, and delicious pastries and...just all things deliciousness.  We had nachos (with sour cream, guys!  Sour Cream!) and I ordered a Chef Salad with HAM...HAM!!!  Are you hearing me?  Actual HAM!  I don't think you understand...the amount of pork I eat here in Ghana is ZERO, so when you can get a salad with ham and olives and cheese and egg and all kinds of veggies...it was perfect.

Then, it was off to a local hotel for some beautifying.  I got my hair trimmed, a true luxury here in Ghana as most people don't know how to cut Obroni's hair.  She cut and combed and it was so quiet.  So quiet.  I felt as if I could just fall asleep in that moment.  She cut and styled and combed.  And with every swipe of the comb, I felt myself relax.

And then, the pedicure.  Soft and gentle and just right and my feet still feel like they are walking on clouds.

We ended our little adventure with apple pie and onion rings (don't ask...it was OUR DAY and we are going to eat what we want!).

Today was just perfect.

And days like today don't happen often, but when they do...even with all the issues with our car today...I recognize Daddy's voice...His love...when I won't do things for myself, when I won't rest, He showers down days with rocking in soft chairs, or laughing with friends, or eating cheese, or getting pampered.



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