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Monday, November 25, 2013

Boys are gross

This weekend, we had a much needed closet clean-out for our kids.  If you know anything about little boys and the things they collect in their pockets...think about that...times 30.  All I can say is, boys are gross!

Case in point...

Here is Gabriel.  I asked him to take out all of his clean clothes and bring them to me to sort through what fit him and what didn't fit him.  He opened his doors and I found that all of his clothes (whether clean or dirty) had been piled at the bottom of his cupboard along with books and his Bible, his test papers, boxes he had found in the trash, flash cards, his toothbrush, dirty underwear and socks, and his uniform.


He filled a garbage can to the top with trash from his cupboard.

Washed his clothes (whether they were "clean" or dirty).

And reorganized his cupboard.


But, let me tell you...

As much "stuff" as they had in their cupboards, it felt refreshing to clean it out.  And the rewards were immediate when we saw all of the boys on Sunday...

Clothes that didn't fit had been packed away for the next group to come through. 

Clothes from the older boys were handed down to our younger ones (who are growing like weeds).

And when our church service started, I saw all our boys in their "new" dress shirts and pants that actually fit (and didn't look 3 inches to short on their ankles).

Yes, closet clean-out day was disgusting and took, well, pretty much all day.  But, it made me happy to see out kids smiling at their clean, new piles of clothes, growing and happy boys.

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  1. It makes me shudder a little bit to think about the closets of some of those boys... Maybe one special boy in particular, who couldn't keep a pair of shoes nice to save his life... Gosh I love these guys! ;)