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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Restoration theme?

I barely finished writing my previous blog, when I was surfing through the regular blogs that I keep up with.

Chris Weinand is the lead pastor of a church I used to attend when I lived in Southern California (wow! Was that really 5 years ago??) and he is currently in the UK teaching at a conference. I was encouraged by these words from today's blog...

"Apostles are known biblically, not as CEO styled leaders of organizations, networks or even movements. Biblically they are driven by a love, deep and sublime for "all" the churches. They are held captive by this love that compels them. They are in a deep love affair that the Father gives them for the churches they serve. They have dirty fingernails because are trench diggers. Paul says that apostles work with foundations... that is what they do. They are not roof wetters, champagne poppers. They have dirty nails from being in the trenches of the churches they love and serve to ensure that the foundations are true, biblical and fully Jesus.

So, how do we know who is an apostle? Two simple ways - look over their shoulders to see what they have built - strong, sturdy, Christ focused churches that live for reasons beyond themselves; and look at their fingernails - they are in the trenches forging foundations that are essential for each specific church's future. They are intimately involved with these churches, not figure heads or distant administrators.

My pained hearts appeal - let us not lose this great moment of divine restoration again. For the sake of these churches, we simply have to get it right this time."

Sometimes, it is so easy to get caught up in the day to day trench-digging around here...it's encouraging to hear that this work is part of the work of a Father who desires divine restoration of his people to himself...thanks Chris for your words. Powerful reminder, again, of the restoration work of the Father that is happening world-wide!

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  1. Love the Weinands! They are consulting at rh too and always such great leadership :) The world is small! XO