My name is Autumn Buzzell and I live and work in Ghana, West Africa with City of Refuge Ministries. Here, I run our school, Faith Roots International Academy, and get to be a part in rescuing and the healing of children who have been trafficked into the fishing trade, orphaned, abandoned, and those who just need a little extra loving. What an amazing gift this life is!

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Friday, November 4, 2011

So incredibly blessed...

This weekend is a busy one and added to a busy week...well, I'm just ready to take a little time to rest and relax and a little time to celebrate all the goodness that is happening here!

Yesterday, Evangelist Sandra Riley came in. She came with Pastor Judy in January and when she saw our projects here, she was excited to see what she could do to help our school.

Would you believe it? She showed up with EIGHT brand new laptops!!! EIGHT! It's amazing! And she came with 120 student sized white boards. And a bunch of other incentive items...wow! I was blown away! So exciting to have someone bring all these things for our kids to see that our school is investing in their lives and encouraging each child's growth! So, so, so blessed by her!

And then, today, we also had the pleasure of LOUISE from Australia coming in. She is working here in Ghana and coming to visit us occasionally on the weekends. Such a joy! The kids were FREAKING OUT when she came in...so excited to see her! It will be great to have her around for the next six months. I think she's fallen in love with Ghana!

And tomorrow, Baby Princess' adoptive parents are coming to pick her up. Princess has been with us since the end of January and it has been such a joy to see her grow, become healthier, take on a bit of a personality. It is such a blessing that she is being adopted though. She will be in such good hands, close to a children's hospital (she has hydrosyphillus for those of you who don't know her story) and her family loves her! So, they'll be with us for a couple of days, we'll throw a big going away party for her on Sunday, and then she will going home. We'll miss her here, but knowing that she's going home to be with her forever family...that's a beautiful thing!

So, yeah, big weekend ahead, but it's good! Though my work here is sometimes incredibly overwhelming, I love being a part of this family!

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