My name is Autumn Buzzell and I live and work in Ghana, West Africa with City of Refuge Ministries. Here, I run our school, Faith Roots International Academy, and get to be a part in rescuing and the healing of children who have been trafficked into the fishing trade, orphaned, abandoned, and those who just need a little extra loving. What an amazing gift this life is!

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Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I am super frustrated right now and it is all because of TECHNOLOGY!! Usually, I am pretty good when it comes to all things computers and ipods and projectors and the like. I can figure out a problem and seem to be pretty handy with all that stuff. Today, NO SUCH LUCK. We got new ink for our printer so that I could print out our final exams and I put it in the printer--it didn't load. It printed about 10 pages and after that--NOTHING. Error...Error...Error. So, I'm stuck. I have about 50 pages to print off and no way to do it. Sometimes, I hate my dependency on all things technological. But in so many ways, it makes my life easier. Until I come to situations like this where it just makes my life miserable. And then I thought, "Oh wait, I can just post the test up on the wall with our projector", before remembering that we have no power at the school and our generator isn't working. No such luck there either. I'm not sure what I'm going to do, but I think I'll start with a prayer--a prayer for me not to throw this printer off the table-- and then a prayer for it to miraculously work! Come on Lord! Help me out!

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